Wild with You by Layla Hagen

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Author’s Synopsis


Planning weddings is my dream job. As a single Mom, I live vicariously through my brides. From picking the dress to cutting the cake, I’m there every step of the way. 

When I meet the best man at the latest wedding, sparks fly. Graham Frazier is more than I bargained for. The charismatic soccer club owner is disillusioned with marriage after his divorce, so it’s part of my job to make sure he won’t slip any sarcastic jokes in his best man’s speech. It’s not part of my job to notice his washboard abs, or that he kisses like a dream. Graham’s touch is sizzling. 

Before I know it, he bosses me into accepting gifts and spending the night at his house (his excuse is good: I can’t possibly drive after working a wedding, can I?)I say yes to both. There are no two ways about it. I have the hots for this bossy man. 

Since my divorce, weddings aren’t my favorite events. But when my best friends decide to tie the knot, I promise to throw them a party they won’t forget. I was counting on sitting through long hours of preparations, but I didn’t count on meeting someone like Lori Connor. 
I pursue her relentlessly, wanting those long legs wrapped around me and her smooth skin under my lips. 

Then I meet her son, and that boy charms me even faster than his mother did. Before I know it, he has me wrapped around his little finger.

But are Lori and I ready for our lives to intertwine in ways we haven’t even imagined before?

The Story

Lori is a single mom whose ex walked out on basically the moment she told him she was pregnant because he didn’t want a kid. Now she has been on her own for the past 7 years with her little one and the only people she has come to rely on is her family. 

Then a gorgeous man who has been hurt by a woman before and thought another relationship, let alone marriage, walks into Lori’s life. They both fall for each other. But then Graham starts keeping things from Lori and not telling her the whole truth, simply because he wants to protect her. 

I understand that men want to protect the women they love from any harm coming to them. They love them fiercely and would do anything to protect them. But men, please for the love of all that’s holy, at least tell your woman what you are doing to keep her protected. Even if you do tell her after the fact, still tell her immediately, don’t wait a few weeks until she asks you or gets told a part of the story from someone else. She may get mad at you, but when you tell her immediately, she won’t be as mad as she would if she heard the story from someone else first. 

Even through all of the relationship drama that Lori and Graham had, they were still able to get past their hurts from other lovers and give each other a chance. 

Plus with Graham not having very good male role models when he was growing up, he learned very quickly that he can be a good dad, biological or not. (I’m also waiting for the update in a future Connor book, that Lori ends up pregnant 🙂 Who knows if it’s going to happen or not? I know the Bennetts love to procreate, so I’m hoping the Connors have that same love 😉 If Graham is this good with Milo, who knows how good he would be with his own child.)

My Review

It doesn’t take very far into this book to fall in love with Graham, Lori or Milo. And then I just can’t stop reading because I have to know what happens. For me, reading books like these series that Layla Hagen has written, keep my nosiness in tact. I love knowing how things pan out for other people, whether I know them or not. I just have to see how the pieces fall together, or apart. And reading Wild with You satisfied that for Lori and Graham. 

They both had pasts that they would rather not think about because they are kinda painful. But when you think about it, what humans don’t have pain in their past that they would rather not think about? All of these aspects help me relate even more to the people in the books that I read. 

The other members of the Connor family are regularly included throughout the book as well. I love when the authors include characters from previous (and future books) in the current book with updates about them and what they are doing. 

Seeing the relationship between Lori and Graham develop and go to the next level is what we all wish we could experience, and for me, every time I read a new book, I become immersed in the book, part of the reason why I love having the audible book, so that someone else can read it to me and I feel like I’m right there in the thick of everything as well. 

Favorite Part

My favorite part is when Val, Hailey and Lori have a girls night, simply because they haven’t had one in a while. They go to a bar to enjoy time together and have quite a few cocktails. But one of their time honored rules is no phones during family time. (In a time when every human tends to rely on their phone all the time, I absolutely love this rule, even if it is only in a book.)

As Lori is turning her phone off, she finds a few racy texts from Graham about what he wants to do later. She responded quickly to tell him she was turning her phone off because it was a family rule and she’d see him later. 

And see him later she did 🙂


The audible version of this book is narrated by Sebastian York and Andi Arndt, one of my favorite pair of duet narrators. They both have a way of really bringing the characters to life thru their narration and do an amazing job of narrating the book. 

Would I Recommend this Book?

If you are at all a fan of the Bennett or Connor series by Layla Hagen, then I totally recommend that you read this book. But I do have to caution you that you should read the books in order. While each book really can be read as a standalone, to get the full context of all of the conversations that happen, you should read them all in order. 

And if you just want a book that has a great narrative and some steamy scenes in it, then this is your book too. 

I did receive a copy of an Advanced Reader Copy of the Kindle version of this book, but purchased the Audible book myself. 

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