Review Policy

This blog is dedicated to sharing the books that I really enjoy, whether they are paperback, electronic or audiobook. I particularly enjoy being able to support new authors, as well as self-published authors. 

Accepted Format: 

  • Audiobooks (Audible) – preferred
  • Paperback/Hardback books
  • Kindle books


  • Comtemporary Romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • New Adult/College Romance
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Finance


The review is promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and – if requested – a shortened version is cross-posted to Goodreads and Audible.

It will be finished in a timely fashion, taking into account possible release dates, and be at least 500 words. If I don’t have a review queue, a review takes approximately 2 weeks. Otherwise, it depends on the review queue that I have.

I only write honest reviews, but I will state that this is my personal opinion and I will tell you in advance about concerns I have. Reviews will always be respectful of the work and considerate of those readers who might like a book that I didn’t enjoy so much.

If I accept your request, I will review the book and post about it. If it is a book I cannot finish, I will let you know immediately.


If for whatever reason I can’t review your audiobook even though it fits well with this blog, I can offer you a spotlight post and other forms of promotion.

Interviews and Guest blogging:

I welcome author and narrator interviews as well as guest bloggers! I am also available as a guest blogger. But right now, I am not accepting guest posts.

To contact me, please email: with a subject line including Book Review Request or complete the contact form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept books as gifts? 

Of course I do! I love books and have an ever growing library in my house that I am very proud of! My dream is have a library that covers 3 walls of my home.

Do you accept advanced reader copies? 

Yes I do. As stated in my review policy, I do prefer audiobooks, but paper and electronic copies also work. It also depends on the type of book I receive for how fast I can review your book, as well as my queue of books that I am currently reading. If you contact me early enough before your book is going to be released, I can most likely work with you to publish my review concurrently with the release date of your book. My reviews typically take about 2 weeks from start to finish, so make sure to time this properly when you contact me about your books, as well as make sure you keep in mind my queue of other books. 

Will you review my book if I send it to you? 

Most likely. I prefer all books to be in audiobook format, this makes it much easier for me to read your book, plus I always listen to my books 2-3 times while I’m writing my reviews and having the audiobook format allows me to get so much more out of a book because I am an auditory listener more than anything. But I do accept paperback/hardback books and electronic books as well. My preferred genres are personal development books and romance books (see the Review Policy above for more information on what is accepted). Others I will review on a case by case basis and let you know. 

Do you accept sponsored posts? 

I do accept sponsored posts, but keep in mind that this blog is about book reviews for books that I have read. Send me an email to with your pitch about a sponsored post and I will consider it and get back to you within 5 business days. I also have the right to refuse your offer.

Do you accept guest posts? 

At this time, I am not accepting guest posts, unless you can really prove to me why I need to accept your post. Tell me why your post really needs to be on my blog and I may consider accepting your guest post. I will consider your pitch and get back to you within 5 business days.