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Breathe by Dr. Belisa Vranich - Good Book Reviews

Breathe by Dr. Belisa Vranich

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I found Breathe on this blog post about creating a daily routine. And I immediately knew I had to check out the book. So I ordered it and had it within 2 days (a benefit of Amazon Prime, but also a downfall because I order way too many books!). I read this book within a few hours and it seriously changed my life. I haven’t even done the exercises in the book just yet because I’ve been sick with head congestion for the past week. But I became much more conscious of my breathing and my posture. 

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Just this consciousness has taken my stress level from about a 7-8 all the way down to a 1-2.

We all have stress in our lives. There is good stress and bad stress. And when you keep up your habits of poor breathing, your stress levels will constantly stay around.Dr. Belisa talks about all of this in the book and I am so glad that I was introduced to this book just by reading someone else’s blog post.

My biggest takeaways from this book:

1: Based on our surroundings and how we have adjusted to living life with electronics and cell phones and tablets, we have taken our breathing patterns from how we breathe when we are born to breathing only in our upper chest. This means that our muscles and the rest of our body don’t get enough oxygen.

A few weeks ago, I went for my first ever massage. For the next two days after I got my massage, my shoulders, neck and a few other muscles hurt to touch them, even with a pillow. And I understand from Dr. Belisa that this was basically bruising of my muscles from not getting enough oxygen and a massage helps to get some oxygen to those muscles. I carry all of my stress in my neck and shoulders, plus I work on a computer for 8-10 hours a day at least 6 days a week. 

2: Doing more exercise, like running on the treadmill, won’t improve your breathing. You have to work your actual breathing muscles – lungs and diaphragm (and so many more muscles). Making your heart pump harder doesn’t work out your breathing muscles. 

3: You can relearn to breathe like you did when you were born with just 5-10 minutes of exercises a day. I have been working on being more conscious of my breathing and doing one of the exercises and that is how I have basically made my stress be non-existent. 

4: Breathing the right way will improve your sleep. (I already sleep pretty well, so I wasn’t concerned with this one.) It will lower your stress and in turn of lowering your stress, it will help you lose weight. 

I would totally recommend this book to everyone to read. Very few people breath correctly anymore, thanks to our lifestyles. But you can change that, lower your stress levels, sleep better and shed some pounds too. So are you ready to change your breathing patterns and lower your stress level?

Check out Breathe by Dr. Belisa Vranich. I know you won’t regret it. I surely didn’t.