The Top 4 Best Books for Your Wealth Consciousness

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What are the best wealth consciousness books that are available out there for you to read?

Everyone wants to be rich.

Everyone wants it to happen fast, like yesterday fast. 

Everyone wants it to be easy and have to do very little work. 

Well, I hate to break it to you, but unless you win the lottery, inherit it from rich relatives or rob a bank, it’s not going to happen fast, easy or for very little work.  

The first step to changing your financial status though is to change your mindset around being poor or broke or in lack to that of being wealthy. And it will take work to change your mindset.  BUT there are some amazing books out there that can help you change that mindset and even start to build your wealth at the same time. I’ve read all 4 books. And I continue to reread these books on a regular basis.  

Books are cheaper. And they are an easy way to learn new things. And they are a tool that can help you improve your wealth consciousness.

Here are the top wealth consciousness books that I recommend:


 1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

(This link includes a free copy of the book)
Hill was way ahead of his time when he wrote all of his books. I’ve read the two most important books of his, and will eventually get around to reading all of his books. T&GR will really help you reshape how you see wealth and even think about it.  It is possible to really think and grow rich, but there are 13 principles that Hill shares in his book to help you with really thinking about it, because it also takes action for you to add to the thinking process. Read this book and then read it again. Take notes and follow the principles that Hill outlines here.  I currently read a chapter of this book each day at the very beginning of my day. It helps me start my day in a good mood and ready to take on the day. But also, each day that I reread the chapter, I take in something new that didn’t click with me the day before.  

2. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles 

(This link includes a free copy of the book)
This book is short and an easy read. It is also a highly recommended book by many to help with wealth consciousness. I’ve had multiple copies of this book sitting around on my computer, but I didn’t actually read it until I received a physical copy of the book. And I’m glad I finally read it.  Just like Think and Grow Rich it was written way before people were really ready for this type of information. I strongly believe the people of today are much more ready for the information covered in these books than were the people who were around when these books were written. And that is why they are so relevant today to help someone just like YOU change their mindset to one of wealth consciousness and being ready to have the riches that you really want.  

3. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

This book is not so much a wealth consciousness book as it is a book to help you realize all of the crazy stuff you have going in your world with the devil trying to take over.  This book was hidden for 70+ years because it was believed the topics covered in the book from a conversation Hill had with the devil are too controversial to be published. So Hill’s wife forbade him to publish the book while she was alive.  I was so intrigued by the information in this book that I had a hard time putting the book down most nights. So go out and get this book and start reading it. I know you won’t regret it.  

4. Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter

This book contains all of the principles from Hill’s version of T&GR, but it is written from a woman’s perspective and includes examples of women applying the principles. In Hill’s version, all of the examples are applied to a man’s point of view and with male examples.  But it’s finally time for women to step up and start using their abilities to think and grow rich too. Sharon just made it much more relatable to women by writing this version. I also had to read this version of the book before I could sit down and read the original work of art by Hill. There is nothing wrong with either version, I think I just needed a more relatable version to make it easier to read for me.  

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So if you are finally ready to change your mindset from lack, broke and not enough to one of wealth, go get these books and start reading, taking notes and reading the books again. The information contained in these books will help you all aspects of your life, not just having more wealth and abundance in your life. And seeing these changes in your life, will help you want to make even more changes in your life.  

Have you read any of these wealth consciousness books before? How did you like the book you read? And what book are you going to read next?

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