Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols

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Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols is a fairly new book. But I’m so glad that I picked it up and started reading it right away.  One of my favorite things to do is learn about others and their story around money. This is partly research and partly fascination. While this book is only partly about money, Lisa shares her story from growing up and now owning a million-dollar business. It is a truly inspiring and amazing story and it makes me even happier to have been able to pick up this book and start reading it.  

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 Lisa created her own abundance in her life. She didn’t have any of that in her life when she was growing up and her money blueprint was one that means you have to work hard every single day of your life.  Lisa did work hard, but in the process, she created a legacy for herself and her family. She created something new in her family that was never there before.  Everyone has the ability to have unlimited abundance and create it for themselves just like Lisa did. But you have to be willing to believe it, and then go out and achieve it yourself. Wishing and praying for it won’t make it come to you magically. Work for it and work hard for it.  

My Biggest Takeaways From this Book

1. Lisa breaks down our important features in our life into 4 categories (enrichment, enchantment, engagement, and endowment) and then goes in depth to explain each category and how they tie into our life plan for ourselves and being able to create abundance in our own lives just Lisa has done for herself. 

2. Lisa’s life has got her to exactly where she is today, and it taught her what she knows and shares with everyone she can. She found her life assignment and shares it every single day. And when you read this book and learn what your life assignment is, you’ll change your life too and even the lives of those around you.  

3. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, even those who desire to have unlimited financial abundance. There are multiple ways to obtain financial abundance in your life, and being an entrepreneur isn’t always it. You have to do what you love doing, not something because you should do it. But unlimited abundance is for EVERYONE. 

4. Creating a plan for what you want your life to look like will help you achieve your goals and unlimited abundance even faster. This plan be in any form you want – written, on a vision board, drawn, etc. – do what works for you.  

Would I Recommend this Book?

Only read this book if you are interested in learning more about abundance and how it is a source that is much greater than money in our lives. I don’t want you to go pick up this book and then cry and moan when it doesn’t tell you how to become rich overnight. It’s about increasing your abundance and abundance has a lot more to do with everything that we have in our lives, than money. You can have no money, yet you have more abundance than the richest man in your state. And this book really helps you to see that part of abundance and even to build it up.  

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